General Purpose Reagents


Part # Description
SL20001-0250 20xSSC (250 mL)
SL20007-0005 10%SDS (2x5 mL)
SL20013-0001 Antifade + DAPI (1 mL) 200 ng/mL
SL20013 Antifade + DAPI (500 uL) 200 ng/mL
SL20027-0005 Protease Solution (5 mL)
SL20050-0005 IsoThermal Protease 100x (5 mL)
SL20014-0500 Protease Buffer (500 mL)
RM200036-0005 Detergent Solution (5 mL)
SL20020-0500 1 M MgCl2 (500 mL)
SL20032-0500 10xPBS (500 mL)
SL20041-0500* IsoThermal Denaturing Reagent (500 mL)
SL20035-0500 Citrate Buffer (500 mL)
RM200045-0100* Sodium Borohydride vial (100 mg)
RM200078* Sodium Borohydride caplets (1 g)
RM200003* Acetic Acid, Glacial (1 L)
RM200014* Methanol (4 L)
RM200008* 200 Proof Absolute Ethanol (1L)
RM200008-04000* 200 Proof Absolute Ethanol (4L)

* These items require Haz Mat packaging. A hazardous shipping fee will be added to your order.