Are you looking for a change in your current FISH workflow?

Enumerate Chromosomes with Same Day OligoFISH® Probes:


  • Short chemically synthesized and labeled oligonucleotides
  • Fast hybridization 5-10 minutes
  • cGMP manufacturing

Same Day OligoFISH® Probes use Isothermal (room temperature) processing

Analyte Specific Reagent
Analytical and performance characteristics are not established.
Oligonucleotide FISH probes are covered by pending US and worldwide patent applications.
Disclaimer: The FDA has not approved or cleared Same Day OligoFISH® Probes for the detection or diagnosis of cancer

OligoFISH® is a registered trademark of Cellay, Inc.


MM-002 Rev. A Eff. Date 30-Sep-2016 DCO 16-023